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Essential Oils Jasmin Absolute jasminum officinale/ grandiflorum Family oleaceae

An evergreen, climbing shrub with bright green leaves and star-shaped, tubular clusters of highly fragrant flowers, which are picked only at night.

Essential Oils Extraction: obtained by ethanolic extraction of the concrete, itself produced by solvent extraction of the flowers.

Colour: orange to brown viscous liquid.

Aroma: sweet. rich, warm, exotic, floral,

Essential Oils Possible Uses: muscular aches and pains, coughs. Antidepressant, aphrodisiac, intoxicating, euphoric balancing, warming

Blends: clary sage, bergamot, rose, frankincense, Melissa/lemon balm, sandalwood, ylang ylang, neroli, rosewood.

Caution: generally avoided during pregnancy but is sometimes used during labour as it is thought to strengthen uterine contractions and help alleviate pain. Non-toxic, non-irritant, generally non sensitising.

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