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Essential Oil Frankicense boswellia carteri Family Burseraceae
A small tree or shrub, native to North Africa , with abundant pale pink or white flowers.

Essential Oil Extraction: through steam distillation of the solidified ‘tear drops’ of resin, which exude when the bark is cut.

Colour: pale yellow, viscous liquid
Aroma: Sweet, woody, balsamic

Essential Oil Possible Uses:Frankincense is believed to help slow down breathing, good for emotional problems to allay anger and irritability and to soothe grief. It is calming, warming, sedative, an aphrodisiac, and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, general tonic

Blends: sandalwood, neroli, vetivert, lavender, geranium, most citrus oils and spice oils.

Caution: generally non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitising

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