Foot Massage cream by Institut Karite, 75 ml. Price Inc P+P


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Foot Massage cream with Shea Butter by Institut Karite 75ml. Price Inc P+P

Rich in Shea Butter this Foot Massage cream helps to soften and nourish the skin. A little pampering of an oft' forgotten part of our anatomy is well rewarded as our feet respond to a gentle massage which leaves them feeling soft and delicate to the touch. It penetrates rapidly softening dry and rough areas of the feet and used daily it restores the skin's natural elasticity and comfort.

This exotic-sounding cream originates from the Karite Nut tree sometimes called ‘women’s gold’ shea butter is produced from the kernels of the Karite Nut tree, (also known as the Mangifolia tree) which grows in the semi-arid Sahel region of West Africa.
This time honoured natural product is no secret to the native women for it’s healing and beneficial properties for the skin. According to legend Queen Nefertiti retained her divine beauty through the use of shea butter.
In recent years a whole body of dermatological –cosmetic research has demonstrated the exceptional moisturising, nourishing, protective and rejuvenating properties of shea butter. It contains vitamins A and D for skin revitalization, vitamin E for reoxygeneration and vitamin F for elasticity.
The Institut Karite, Paris, have developed a range of skin and beauty products to naturally care for dry, sensitive or damaged skin. The secret of ‘natural’ beauty is now available to you.

"We refuse animal testing"

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