Candle Holders Essentia Pr. 8*2 ins (20*5)


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Candle Holders from CraftZoo (TM)

Square Candle Holders (price inc.£7.40 p&p) apprx. 3kg.

Hand crafted from soapstone (Candles not included. use taper ended candles

The 'Natural Home' range includes our elegant hand crafted candle holders, from the 'Essentia' selection. Heavyweight, square and standing 8*2ins tall with a stucco like texture.
They can be separated or set next to each other to complete a beautiful bookend set of candles during dinner. The candle holders when used with our candles make any occassion special.

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From a remote area in Kenya, known as Kisil, the Gusil tribes people quarry and carve the soapstone used to make these beautiful and contemporary artefacts. The ‘Natural Home’ range includes the ‘Elegant, Essentia and Sensuale’ collections which form the latest range of handmade and quality giftware. African Art straight from the wild!

All of our oil warmers, incense sticks essential oils, aromatherapy waters, hydrolats, skin care, health beauty, candle and candle holders come from only the finest craftsmen.

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